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Paint / Airbrush Touch-Up
Paint or Airbrush Touch Up
It is nearly impossible to drive on the freeway and local roads without getting minor paint chips, pits and scratches caused by flying gravel, small stones and other road debris. Our expert technicians can quickly and affordably improve the appearance of your vehicle by filling these paint imperfections. Color-matching will be no problem because our computerized system enables us to custom blend paint to match your vehicle.

While it is not always possible to repair the damage so that it is 100% undetectable, it is often a good alternative to the much higher cost and vehicle downtime required to repaint the entire part or panel.  

Most paint touch-up and airbrush touch-up procedures are very affordable and can be completed in less than a day.
What Makes Us Unique
With more than a decade in the business of keeping cars looking like new, president and founder Rich Price has always understood there is no substitute for the highest quality workmanship done in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Auto Recon Express has the high-tech equipment and highly skilled technicians needed to consistently provide uncompromising craftsmanship at affordable prices .

Auto Recon Express technicians use only the finest quality products, techniques and craftsmanship to complete the job to your satisfaction. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the work done on your vehicle and strive to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning vehicle owner. 
David G.
"Honestly Rich made my Lexus feel like a brand new car again! He took just about every dent out of my car, which there was probably 8 dents. Rich was very quick and thorough. He comes, says hi and goes right to work. No Bull. I will keep recommending him to everyone I possibly can."
Mobile Automotive Cosmetic Repair
Office: 949.340.5691 Text To: 949.795.8020

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